Remarketing: Audience Segmentation

27 Feb Remarketing: Audience Segmentation

Pre-qualified prospective customers are incredibly valuable to your business. Understanding how to engage with them after they leave your site is key. You can improve your chances of a successful interaction (conversion/sale) even further with a Remarketing practice called ‘Audience Segmentation.’

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As a quick refresher, Remarketing in its simplest form is a strategy in which visitors to your site are identified with the intention of advertising to them at a later time. Think of it as a ‘follow-up’ call to a potential customer after they stop by your store.

Audience Segments take this idea one step further…

Let’s pretend you’re shopping for a new Mobile Phone. Your research would most likely begin online. Perhaps you check out your favorite imaginary electronics site,  

Your click path may look something like this…

Homepage>Electronics & Computers >Cell Phones & Accessories>Comparison Chart Iphone>Carrier>Shopping Cart

Each click provides the site with more information on your intentions and interests. With a remarketing strategy in place, can begin to segment users into categories based on this click path and/or the pages they visit. can then target future ads with relevant messages to a very specific audience. When companies are able to speak directly to customer’s interests, the benefits will be shared by both advertiser and individual. 

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