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Model-Specific Remarketing at L2TMedia

Remarketing is a tactic used in all of L2TMedia’s display campaigns as part of our two-pronged approach. The primary point of remarketing is to show an ad to the group of people who have already expressed interest in your business by visiting your website. Remarketed…

Report: Most Calls From Mobile Display Ads Happen Up To Two Weeks Later

In conjunction with the announcement of a new product called “Marchex Display Analytics,” the company released a report that shows display ads aren’t getting credit for all the calls they’re delivering. The report (reg. req’d) is titled “The Missing 98 Percent: Why Display Advertising Isn’t…

facebook video hub
Facebook Ads: Adapting for Your Convenience

Facebook ads have been making large strides over the past few months. Now businesses around the world are getting a taste of what is to come soon for the rest of us. Facebook for businesses are beginning to introduce the world to Lead Generation Ads,…

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Specific Audience Targeting with Google Customer Match

For years, traditional and digital marketers collected as much information as possible about customers. In the last 15 years digital advertising has created the opportunity to harness the power of the email address. Email-focused tactics include e-blasts, promotions and coupons, newsletters or even customer loyalty…

Convert Car Shoppers With Advanced Display Advertising Tactics: A Webinar

On Tuesday, May 19, we hosted our first ever webinar here at L2TMedia. Nicole Gignac and Jeff Kaufman, our VP of Sales and Director of Search Marketing, walked our participants through four key advanced display techniques that are proven to help car dealers capture shoppers’ attention…

L2TWebinar: Converting Auto Shoppers With Advanced Display Tactics

Advanced techniques in digital display advertising give you exciting new methods of presenting your dealership and vehicle inventory to interested prospects and active shoppers. In this intriguing L2TMedia webinar presentation (recorded May 19, 2015), L2TMedia’s Nicole Gignac, Vice President of Sales, explores how each of…

Webinar: Converting Car Shoppers With Advanced Display Tactics

Advanced techniques in digital display advertising give you exciting new methods of presenting your dealership and vehicle inventory to interested prospects and active shoppers. In this intriguing presentation, L2TMedia’s Nicole Gignac, Vice President of Sales, explores how each of four display formats targets customers with…

How To Sell Cars on Mobile With Paid Search and Display

This year, mobile ad spend for US businesses accounts for 31% of global mobile ad spend, projected at $189.06 billion. As American consumers increasingly search for information and interact with brands on the go, advertisers have been tasked with delivering their message in real-time—exactly where…

Gmail Sponsored Promotions (GSP) Offers Your Audience Dynamic Content

Gmail Sponsored Promotions is an exciting Google Beta product that allows advertisers to target users within their Gmail accounts by using a blend of text and image ads. According to CNN there were over 500 million Gmail users in 2014, a number that only continues…

The Big Change in Google Video Advertising

Video advertising is one of the fastest growing forms of digital marketing. Online shoppers are giving more of their time and attention to video content. This is very apparent to auto shoppers: According to a recent survey, 84% of video researchers plan to watch auto…

Is My Paid Search Advertising Successful?

One of the most challenging aspects of client education is pinpointing exactly what makes a paid search campaign successful. Google AdWords and Google Analytics provide a wealth of data, which can be very useful, but often distracts from the primary focus: comparing Pay Per Click…

The New Ad Tool for Local Businesses

Have you noticed that Facebook follows you wherever you go? Small businesses can now use a tracking tool to specifically target audiences like never before.  This is made possible thanks to new location tracking features on smart phones, directly affecting the ever-growing mobile user population….

Takeaways from the RTB OMMA Conference

L2TMedia’s PPC and Display Media Director Jeff Kaufman attended the recent OMMA RTB conference which was solely focused on real-time bidded display. Below are some of the takeaways he shared:

Advanced Targeting Options on the Google Display Network

The Google Display Network (GDN) has been around for some time now, allowing advertisers to run campaigns that include both text and image ads across their expansive network. Over the years, Google has added new targeting capabilities to stay in line with or even ahead of the DSPs they compete with. While their remarketing tool started out clunky and was a hassle to implement, Google has since employed major improvements that have made remarketing on the GDN simple and scalable to the needs of most advertisers. With the success of this product, Google is quietly rolling out and testing a few other targeting methods, which L2TMedia is now testing across a number of clients.

Spring Cleaning with Container Tags

In true spring cleaning fashion, the team here at L2TMedia is always looking for new ways to tidy our processes in order to ensure we are being as efficient as possible. One of the never-ending hurtles we find ourselves jumping quite often involves our tag management process. Our Display efforts require anywhere from three to nine different tracking tags per website, which can prove to become pretty cluttered –not to mention confusing – at any given moment. Since we do not offer website development as a product, we have enjoyed very little direct control over how tags are implemented.

Impact of Enhanced Campaigns on Display Media

Information has been swirling – some great, some not so great – about all the impending changes to Google AdWords, and how Enhanced Campaigns are going to revolutionize paid search advertising. The public is still skeptical, and many are downright upset about how Google is taking the control out of the hands of the most experienced AdWords professionals in order to focus on making more money from the smaller players. All this has yet to play out and we will have to wait and see where it takes us, but what has hardly been mentioned thus far is how Enhanced Campaigns will impact display advertising via the Google Display Network.

The Implications of Cross-Device Shopping on Your Display Strategy

Using only one device in the purchasing cycle is a thing of the past. Instead, consumers are turning to whichever device is most convenient at the moment, considering time, location, Wi-Fi accessibility, etc. Like many others, I can attest to this through my own personal experience. As a consumer, I am using my desktop while at work, scrolling through my mobile during lunch, and surfing the web on my tablet while I relax at home – all the while moving seamlessly across all devices. So why shouldn’t advertising reflect that behavior?

Display Targeting Tactics Explained

The world of display advertising can be a confusing place, as there are a number of ways to buy ads and an even greater number of ways in which you can target them. The days of buying ads to run on specific sites, or even placements within sites, are long gone with today’s shift toward focusing on audience buying. This has been proven to be a much more effective and cost-efficient way for advertisers to achieve their display advertising goals.

Finding the Value of Your Display Campaign

Specializing in the automotive vertical does prove to have some hurdles that L2TMedia jumps every now and again especially within the Display department.

Display Digs Deep

One of the most charming attributes of Display Advertising is how granular you can get when optimizing a campaign.  Imagine being able to control all variables that play into a buyers’ decision down to the T, where you can almost guide the conversion!

Say Goodbye to Static

The phenomenon of rich media has been sweeping across the web now more than ever. Nonetheless, it should not be overlooked. A recent study conducted by MediaMind reveals the importance of acting upon this trend. 

Keeping it Fresh: How Creative Rotation Impacts Performance

One of the most appealing facets of display advertising for me is the creative component. We’ve seen advertisers do incredible things in very small spaces online to catch a potential customer’s eye. This also means that the consumer’s expectations are rising as well.

Ad Networks vs. Ad Exchanges: It’s all the same, right?

The common theme here is that both entities represent a group of websites and/or publishers. Because these groups of sites are easily accessible from one point of origin, scaling advertising campaigns for additional impression volume is much easier. Everyone wins right? Well, not exactly.

Geographic Targeting for Local Display Advertising

Whether you aspire to run an international sales effort or just want to reach a specific neighborhood in your town, L2TMedia has technology available to suit any advertiser’s specific geographic targeting needs.

What You Should Know about Real-Time Bidding

Real-Time Bidding for online display advertising is the process of buying ad inventory on-demand. This process is completed by companies like L2T Media, or departments commonly referred to as “Trading Desks.”

How to Become a Display Ad Rockstar in 7 Easy Steps

Whether you’re an advertiser or agency, we’ve all heard about the next big thing. In an environment that changes daily, it’s critical that to stay informed and aware of these changes and how to leverage them to your advantage. L2T has a team dedicated to identifying digital marketing opportunities for your business.

Know Your Data

Understanding your targeting options with regards to digital advertising can be confusing to say the least. Our team here at L2T is committed to educating our clients to drive success.

What is Search Retargeting?

With a fairly recent introduction into the digital marketing space, Search Retargeting is being embraced as a valuable player in any marketing mix.

Remarketing: Audience Segmentation

Pre-qualified prospective customers are incredibly valuable to your business. Understanding how to engage with them after they leave your site is key. You can improve your chances of a successful interaction (conversion/sale) even further with a Remarketing practice called ‘Audience Segmentation.’

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