conversational voice search on samsung galaxy s8
Conversational Search Is Changing the Game in Paid Search and SEO

It’s no secret that smartphones have shaken up digital marketing. With the introduction of mobile web browsing, action can be taken anytime, anywhere, so the purchase funnel is much smaller than it was 10 years ago. In the past few years, hands-free web browsing and…

SEO and Google graphic
SEO in 2017: What It Takes To Achieve Organic Growth

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a strategy to help your website to be seen in search engine result pages (SERPs). Years ago, creating a web page and throwing a bunch of keywords on there was good enough to help you get to the top….

Person holding a mobile phone with mobile search ads expanded.
Special Report: Advanced Audience Solutions Can Help You Make More Sales

In today’s challenging sales market, the need for more effective advertising is greater than ever. Last month, L2TMedia and Google led a webinar called More Effective Search Advertising Using Advanced Audience Solutions. In it, they discussed how dealerships can market smarter by targeting car shoppers…

What On-The-Lot Foot Traffic Data Reveals About Car Shopping

From researching to locating a dealership, mobile plays a huge role in the way consumers shop for cars today. Google investigated search patterns and foot traffic data to uncover popular times shoppers visit the lot, so brands can be there and be useful via mobile…

Marketing Trends That Defined Google’s Year in Search

Google’s “Year in Search” retrospective highlights the moments that defined 2016. Not only does search activity demonstrate how consumers turn to Google, it also provides valuable insights for marketers—especially as they set their road maps for 2017. Searches give a glimpse into what the world…

Consumers in the Micro-Moment: What it Means for Auto Brands

Mobile has changed the auto purchase journey. From researching brands while on a lunch break to comparing prices on the dealership lot, mobile has an impact every step of the way. Here Google shows examples of how real people behave in the five key auto micro-moments…

A Great Digital Marketing Jargon Buster

Check out the ABCs of Digital Marketing with this handy glossary. This list of regularly used digital marketing words and phrases will act as your jargon busting dictionary!

Google AMP mobile picture
Google Supercharges the Mobile Web with AMP

Google is always trying to improve the search game to make it easier for users. The newest Google-backed experiment is a product called the Accelerated Mobile Pages Project (AMP). You may have noticed AMP pages appear in search results on a mobile device, but you…

AdWords & Google Analytics Changes Announced at Google Summit

At Google’s annual event for AdWords and Google Analytics customers, it shared new ad formats, mobile-first bidding options and more.  SearchEngineLand summarizes all of the changes here.  Google announced a wide number of changes to AdWords & Google Analytics, including new “mobile-first” bidding support, “Promoted…

Google Updates Mobile SERPs…Again

By now, we all know the importance of having your website optimized for mobile. As more consumers use their mobile devices to research products and make purchases, Google has announced once again that it is placing more emphasis on having a mobile-friendly site in ranking…

Changes To Google’s Ad Layout On Desktop Search Results

Google announced on Friday, Feb 19, that it was removing search ads from the right-hand side of their search results page.  As many as four text ads (up from a previous maximum of three) will now display above the organic listings, and three text ads will…

Preparing for the Future of Search: Optimizing for Voice

Consumers are always looking for answers, whether that be through general information or to seek a product or service to answer their questions on mobile devices. Thanks to the increasing popularity of Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana and Google Now, consumers are able to find answers…

Looking Forward to 2016

At our year-end meeting, I worked with Isabelle Kamga, L2TMedia’s Strategic Partner Manager at Google, to present the auto and digital marketing trends for 2016. The following are the highlights of that presentation. It’s a good time to work in the auto industry 2015 should…

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Specific Audience Targeting with Google Customer Match

For years, traditional and digital marketers collected as much information as possible about customers. In the last 15 years digital advertising has created the opportunity to harness the power of the email address. Email-focused tactics include e-blasts, promotions and coupons, newsletters or even customer loyalty…

Mobilegeddon Has Been Nothing Like a Zombie Apocalypse

On April 21st, 2015 Google rolled out their mobile update and like any Google update it had digital agencies and webmasters preparing like the zombie apocalypse was on its way. Now that it’s almost been two months since the update rolled out we can take…

How To Sell Cars on Mobile With Paid Search and Display

This year, mobile ad spend for US businesses accounts for 31% of global mobile ad spend, projected at $189.06 billion. As American consumers increasingly search for information and interact with brands on the go, advertisers have been tasked with delivering their message in real-time—exactly where…

Gmail Sponsored Promotions (GSP) Offers Your Audience Dynamic Content

Gmail Sponsored Promotions is an exciting Google Beta product that allows advertisers to target users within their Gmail accounts by using a blend of text and image ads. According to CNN there were over 500 million Gmail users in 2014, a number that only continues…

Why Mobile SEO Matters More than Ever

On April 21st, Google will change the search experience for mobile users by expanding its search algorithm to reward sites that are mobile friendly. With this update to its search algorithm, Google will either display or not display pages based on their mobile friendliness. But…

Make The Most of Your Paid Ads with Callout Extensions

Incentives and current offers can be exceptionally effective conversion tools for your paid search (PPC) campaigns. Google has rolled out a new ad extension called “Callouts” that allows you to add even more text to your ad to spotlight incentives, offers, and sales, and highlight…

Could Google or Facebook Sway Elections?

It’s the final countdown for current Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel and his opponent Jesus “Chuy” Garcia, who will face off in a final mayoral election in early April. Every once in a while we like to take a break from our laser-like focus on the…

Is My Paid Search Advertising Successful?

One of the most challenging aspects of client education is pinpointing exactly what makes a paid search campaign successful. Google AdWords and Google Analytics provide a wealth of data, which can be very useful, but often distracts from the primary focus: comparing Pay Per Click…

Visit L2TMedia at NADA Booth 6407W. Hear Google Speak on Google My Business

The NADA Convention & Expo is the automotive industry event of the year and the world’s largest international gathering place for franchised new-vehicle dealers.  The 2015 NADA Convention & Expo will take place on Thursday, January 22nd through Sunday, January 25th at the Moscone Center…

10 Reasons To Bid On Your Dealership Name

 “It’s very important for a brand to have an identity through the years, but it’s very important as well to evolve because times change so fast.”                    Donatella Versace  Have you ever asked yourself one of these two questions? Why should I spend money on…

The Importance of Ad Extensions for Mobile Search

Mobile searches continue to increase in numbers year over year and we are close to the tipping point where mobile will actually be the device of choice for paid search clicks. Back in March of this year, Matt Cutts was quoted as saying he “wouldn’t…

The App is Dead! Long Live the App!

That’s right. You heard it here first (or second or third…it’s a pretty hot topic right now). The mobile app as we know it may be coming to an end. But, if you stop to think about it, it makes sense. As contextual app data…

Google Takes Local SEO for a Ride with Carousel

As an agency that primarily serves small to mid-size businesses, staying on top of developments that affect local ranking is paramount to the SEO team at L2TMedia. A little over a year ago, Google shook up the search engine results page (SERP) with the introduction of the Carousel, a strip of up to 20 local business listings shown as tiles at the top of the results page.

Google Penguin 3.0 – What Does It Mean For You and Your Website

On Friday, October 17th 2014, Google announced another Google Penguin algorithm update. The purpose of this algorithm is to minimize the presence of websites who take part in spammy link building practices in search engine results pages (SERPs).

L2TMedia Named Google AdWords Premier SMB Partner

L2TMedia, a digital marketing solutions provider, announced that it is now a Google AdWords™ Premier SMB Partner (PSP). As a result, L2TMedia will have one more way to connect with automobile dealerships that want expert help in creating, managing and optimizing their online advertising campaigns.

L2T Media’s SEO Product Gets (More) Local Along With Google Pigeon

At L2TMedia, we make a point of staying informed of all Google updates and changes, so we can ensure that our SEO packages align with these updates. In light of Google’s most recent Pigeon update, we have decided to make some upgrades to our current…

SEO Content and Meta Data: What is Best?

When you sit down and search for something on Google, you receive a list of search results. More often than not, you will click on the first site listed. This is where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comes in. Using a variety of strategies, a savvy SEO specialist can work to improve a website’s visibility in Google search results.

How L2TMedia Prepares Our Clients for Google Updates

Google recently updated its algorithm to provide more useful, relevant and accurate local search results that emphasize more about the searcher’s location in traditional search results and local maps.

What do you need to know about Google Pigeon?

Carrier pigeons have long been known for their uncanny ability to find what they’re searching for, delivering messages up to 100 miles away. Like these homing pigeons, Google is famous for finding you what you search for, and its local search algorithm update last month is another step toward bringing you the most useful results possible.

Google Author Photos Disappear: What Does it Mean?

What does the loss of author icons in SERPs really mean for content creators and marketers? On June 25th, Googler John Mueller posted on Google + that author icons will be removed from SERPs. Citing a desire to clean up search results and provide a more “simplified” user experience, the move was framed as just another Google effort to improve results.

Google Announces Android Auto

At Google’s Annual I/O developer conference this June, the popular search engine company unveiled its recent work on a new innovation for the auto industry. The announcement of Android Auto was one of the major highlights of the conference. This latest innovation from Google follows…

Google My Business

“I’ll Google it.” I seem to be answering more and more questions with, “I’ll Google it” lately. How many campgrounds are in Duluth, Minnesota? “I’ll Google it.” Is there a driving range on my way home from work? “I’ll Google it.” What’s the name of…

Google is My Copilot

An endless winter makes a man take stock of things.  For example, this morning I awoke to a sun-kissed urban landscape of the sort, just a few months ago, I thought I would never see again.  It made me thankful.  And in feeling thankful for…

Universal Analytics – Moving Toward the User

Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird; it seems as if every time a digital marketer turns around, Google has released an algorithm update or a new product, and just when we’ve adapted to the changes the cycle begins again. However, there’s one recent update that is fundamentally changing…

How Google Location Insertion Can Help Your Automotive Ad Copy

Google recently announced a very powerful feature for local auto dealers.  Google will now allow the dynamic insertion of location information within the Google Ad Copy. This insertion information could be the city, zip code, or phone number.  Auto Dealerships that serve many locations can now feature localized AD Copy. This is very important because over 20% of Google searches have local intent.

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