Our founders, Liz Prior and Tom Moorhead, both have extensive marketing and business development backgrounds in the dealership world. Their collective efforts include developing and executing marketing initiatives for luxury franchises, opening new business channels and aggressively meeting strategic goals.

Liz Prior, Co-Founder, Head of Finance, Marketing & OperationsLiz Prior, Co-Founder, Head of Finance, Marketing & Operations

Liz Prior
Co-Founder, Head of Finance, Marketing and Operations

Tom Moorhead Co-Founder, Head of SalesTom Moorhead Co-Founder, Head of Sales

Tom Moorhead
Co-Founder, Head of Sales

How Our Team Drives Your Dealership’s Success

Our product team continues to enhance our premier digital marketing platform with automated next-level technology. But we also provide you with a team of experts to help you make the most of it. You’ll benefit from a dedicated digital strategist that will help get you started and meet with you monthly to review results. Our product teams also will help develop your ads, manage your online reputation, post current content and optimize your dealership website.

dealership digital experts

Our Team


Kate Hudson - Senior Manager, Customer Success/Major AccountsKate Hudson - Senior Manager, Customer Success/Major Accounts

Kate Hudson
Associate Director, Customer Success

Christian Coomer
Customer Success Manager

John Ptaskik Senior Account StrategistJohn Ptaskik Senior Account Strategist

John Ptasnik
CST Supervisor

Kyle Stack - Senior Account Strategist Kyle Stack - Senior Account Strategist 

Kyle Stack
CST Supervisor

Peggy Margaret Carroll - Senior Account StrategistPeggy Margaret Carroll - Senior Account Strategist

Peggy Carroll
Senior Account Strategist

Teresa Mastro - Senior Account StrategistTeresa Mastro - Senior Account Strategist

Teresa Mastro
Senior Account Strategist

Ryan Muley
Senior Account Strategist

Amanda Birch
Account Strategist

Haley Brock
Account Strategist

Raga Komandur
Account Strategist

Mia Mendez
Account Strategist

Taylor Peterson
Account Strategist

Zachary SchneiderZachary Schneider

Zachary Schneider
Account Strategist

Juliana Sonenberg
Account Strategist

Cami Teran
Account Strategist

Eric Grabowski - Regional Sales DirectorEric Grabowski - Regional Sales Director

Eric Grabowski
Director of Sales

Dena DenmanDena Denman

Dena Denman
Regional Sales Director

Ali Shirk-Barnhart - Strategic Account ManagerAli Shirk-Barnhart - Strategic Account Manager

Ali Shirk-Barnhart
Regional Sales Director

Erik Feit - Strategic Account ManagerErik Feit - Strategic Account Manager

Erik Feit
Strategic Account Manager

Matthew Gilarde
Strategic Account Manager

Jason Hamblin - Strategic Account ManagerJason Hamblin - Strategic Account Manager

Jason Hamblin
Strategic Account Manager

Charles Martin
Strategic Account Manager

Peter SucatoPeter Sucato

Peter Sucato
Strategic Account Manager

Franny Watne - Account StrategistFranny Watne - Account Strategist

Franny Watne
Strategic Account Manager

Shannon Willingham Strategic Account ManagerShannon Willingham Strategic Account Manager

Shannon Willingham
Strategic Account Manager


Jeff Kaufman - VP ProductsJeff Kaufman - VP Products

Jeff Kaufman
Vice President, Product & Strategy

Gowon Snyder
Digital Media Associate Director

Matt Simpson - Digital Media Senior SpecialistMatt Simpson - Digital Media Senior Specialist

Matt Simpson
Digital Media Supervisor

Joey Wakeman Digital Media SpecialistJoey Wakeman Digital Media Specialist

Joey Wakeman
Digital Media Specialist

Osman Bawany
Digital Media Associate

Brendan McGeeBrendan McGee

Brendan McGee
Paid Social Manager

Randall SawyerRandall Sawyer

Randall Sawyer
Senior Paid Social Specialist

Felicia Darnell
Paid Social Specialist

Natalia Gheewala
Paid Social Specialist

Caleb McCauley
Paid Social Specialist

Sophie Tangel
Paid Social Specialist

Elizabeth Braun, SEO Social SupervisorElizabeth Braun, SEO Social Supervisor

Elizabeth Braun
Social Media and Reputation Management Supervisor


Rachel Fischer
Social Media and Reputation Management Specialist

Marielle Bokor
Social Media and Reputation Management Associate

Brooke Hollingsworth
Social Media and Reputation Management Associate

David Weisman - Associate Director, Ad OperationsDavid Weisman - Associate Director, Ad Operations

David Weisman
Director, Ad Operations

Ian Carry Ad Operations SpecialistIan Carry Ad Operations Specialist

Ian Carry
Senior Ad Operations Specialist

Esmeralda Monarrez
Ad Ops Coordinator

David Altman - Senior Support SpecialistDavid Altman - Senior Support Specialist

David Altman
Support Supervisor

Saj Shaikh
Support Analyst

Joshua HojnackiJoshua Hojnacki

Joshua Hojnacki
Senior Performance Reporting Analyst

Bilal Jamal Product AnalystBilal Jamal Product Analyst

Bilal Jamal
Product Analyst

Alhamzah Al Abboddi
Compliance Specialist

Colin Burke
SEO Manager

Greg Bates
SEO Specialist

Rio Corley
SEO Specialist

Matt Janesheski
SEO Specialist

Scott McKeever
SEO Specialist

Felipe Rochi
SEO Specialist

Daniela Salas
SEO Specialist

Lindsay Thompson
SEO Specialist

Olena Vyspianskyi
SEO Specialist

Alicia Wade
SEO Specialist

Hannah Kiehl Senior Content EditorHannah Kiehl Senior Content Editor

Hannah Kiehl
Senior Content Editor

Alison McAvoy
Senior Content Editor

Caleb Lauer
Content Editor

Cooper GelbCooper-Gelb

Cooper Gelb
Content Editor

Jacob Yothment
Content Editor

Courtney Hofbauer
Marketing Manager

Madeline Dennison
Creative Design Manager

Joshua Williams - DesignerJoshua Williams - Designer

Joshua Williams
Senior Graphic Designer

Carla Certeza
Production Designer


Carrie Freehling - Chief Financial OfficerCarrie Freehling - Chief Financial Officer

Carrie Freehling
Chief Financial Officer

David Morris Senior Accounting ManagerDavid Morris Senior Accounting Manager

David Morris

Staff AccountantBilling Coordinator

Cecelia Galvan
Billing Coordinator

Staff AccountantBilling Coordinator

Will Welch
Billing Coordinator

Staff AccountantStaff Accountant

Jessica Hayes
Senior Accountant

Staff AccountantBilling Coordinator

Minu Jun
Sales Operations Analyst

Kristen Lampier
Director of People and Culture

Staff AccountantBilling Coordinator

Yev Chyrka
HR Generalist

Leadership & Team